You pay small deposit when you register. You lose your deposit if you do not turn up. You will get your deposit back + we split the deposit of whom did not turn up. You go to party and may end up getting more money.


No more event squatters

Have you ever encountered free party or meetup and realised that half the people registered did not actually turn up? BlockParty solves this problem by providing a simple incentive for people to register only if they mean it.


Active since 2016

BlockParty is not Proof of Concept nor vaporware. It was first used at DevCon2 in Shanghai depositting real Ether, then have been used to manage local Ethereum meetups and social events.


Event management with transparency.

Most meetup sites look as if there are lots of participants but half of the participants won't be there. On the other hand, Blockparty incentiveses people to only sign up when they mean to, leading to the great transparency